Who Is Carter Payne?

Creating Carter Payne:

***Carter Eugene Payne is a fictional character I have created for a book I am currently working on.

-Carter is the “brotherly type” of a friend. The guy who is always going to stick up for you or more importantly protect you.

-He is selfless, independent, and confident

-Under uncomfortable situations, Carter can be quite timid and find running away to be the best solution.

-Age: 22

-Physical Features: 6’2 with Greyish blue eyes, dark brown hair (a little bit longer but not ponytail long), and handsome (but Carter is oblivious to his good looks).

-Favorite Color: Hunter green (due to his love of the woods and going there in time of hurt/pain)

-Carter is very resourceful and is a skilled craftsman

-His backstory will be revealed and narrated by “Miss B” in a separate post but Carter escapes his current life and ventures to embark on quite the journey.


He Was Too Good For Me

A little piece from my mind:


It became clear after a while that he liked me, but I had never been liked or even loved in this way before. Men had always been monsters or pigs in my eyes—with their manipulative sweet talk to their desired touching. Carter made me believe that real love existed even if I was considered “damaged goods” in my part of town. He made sure I was comfortable and he respected the distance I set between us. Carter had this thing where if I was ever down or thinking he was losing interest in me, he’d gaze into my eyes and give a quick wink followed by a smirky smile. God, I loved him. But… it’s like everyone says, “All good things must come to an end”, right?

Think Seny


I often forget to introduce myself so, Hi I’m Seny. Now, I need people to understand that I am not a “writer”, but I do like when people have to hear/ read what I have to say. I guess since this is my first page to make I should start out by telling others about myself.

  1. My name is Seny. It is not Sunny, Sony, Sheeny, Senna, Seni, Sexy, or Sinny.
  2. One thing I would like to change about myself is my eating habits.
  3. I want to live for the Lord and pursue Him.
  4. I am an extrovert, but many file me as an introvert.
  5. Making others feel good about themselves or buying gifts for people makes me feel accomplished.
  6. When I grow up I want to… I’ll get back to you on that one.
  7. I would say I have three Best Friends. Lali, Savannah, and Audrey.
  8. I care about family a lot and have notice for me personally that losing anyone right now sucks because you can’t replace family members.
  9. My typical weekend is watching Netflix with the family, going to Church, and maybe hit’n up the mall. (I don’t get out much.)
  10. For the past five years I have been getting sick a week before my birthday. :/ ( Like WTWhat?!) #suckyimmunesystem
  11. I like school, but math is cray.
  12. I would say painting and drawing are my only “hobbies”.
  13. If I were to meet a few celebrities of my choice they would be: Tom Hiddleston, Tim Burton, and Mandy Moore.
  14. I like a person that can keep me laughing.
  15. Singing is fun… except when your mom or sister tries to harmonize every freak’n note.
  16. I am not wise with my money giving. For example, when my brother and I went to the gas station a man approached our car asking for some money to get to Springfield. I quickly grabbed a couple of 20 dollar bills and sent him on his way. I remember the man looking very surprised and grateful, and that is when I realized I had just given him 60 bucks.
  17. I have been told that I am funny, but do not expect me to “perform” a comedy skit for your other friends. Like what am I? A dog that can talk? Seriously.
  18. I am the most thankful for my life because I know I do not deserve it.
  19. If I had a genie to grant me 3 wishes I would wish for all problems to be solved which I think would be the only wish I really need.
  20. My biggest regret in life is constantly letting people “walk all over me”.
  21. Going back to #6 When I grow up I want to be a loving, respectful wife and mother.
  22. The hardest thing for me to accept is that I am not the center of the universe and other people are going through difficult situations too.
  23. I love Disney movies.
  24. I can often times be random.
  25. I can be aggravating on purpose.
  26. I am a teacher’s pet.
  27. Chocolate is gold.
  28. I enjoy colder weather because I can dress warm and comfy.
  29. I have a hard time when people tell me to do something. Not because I am incapable of doing the task, but because they want to sit down and watch me do it. (God gave you legs… use them)
  30. I want 5 kids when I’m older and married.
  31. Favorite song is by Daryl Hall & John Oats called “You Make My Dreams Come True” because it makes me happy.
  32. I am a slave to my long hair.
  33. I work well with others as long as they are nice.
  34. I think a lot.